Hook and chain

A hook and chain was once the most popular method for towing vehicles and is still used for trucks. With this method, the towed vehicle is hitched by its axle using chains that are attached to a boom winch located on the towing vehicle. This towing option can still be beneficial in some situations, including with vehicles equipped with tough bumpers. If your vehicle is completely totaled in an accident or if there is no chance that damage will be inflicted to your vehicle while towing, this technique may be used.


Another towing option that is more commonly recommended is the wheel-lift. This towing option is based on the same concept as the hook and chain. The primary difference is that a wheel-lift tow does not involve the use of chains or a hook. Instead, it utilizes a metal yoke for holding the vehicle to be transported. The vehicle is hoisted using a hydraulic lift. This is done in order to prevent damage to the underside of the vehicle as well as the bumper.

Flatbed towing

Flatbed towing, in which the vehicle is positioned on a flatbed trailer with the use of hydraulics, is the best option in many instances because it ensures the least risk for damage to the vehicle.

If you are not certain about the best towing option in Springfield or the surrounding area, it is important that you ask about available options when contacting your towing company. Keep in mind that the most suitable towing option may depend upon a variety of factors, including the amount of damage sustained to your vehicle if there was a collision, as well as the make and model of your vehicle.

When you contact the towing company, it is important that you be prepared to provide information about the location where your vehicle is located, why a tow is needed, and whether your vehicle is currently impeding traffic. You should also provide information about the damage to your vehicle or why it is not operable. Also, remember that unless you require medical attention, it is important that you do not leave the scene until the tow company has arrived.