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Henry's Towing and Recovery Services!

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Henry's Towing and Roadside Assistance Services

Henry’s Towing is a family owned and operated business that understands the needs of both individual and commercial customers. With a commitment to using the highest and best level of dispatching, gps and communication technologies available, Henry’s can ensure that your experience will be easy and hassle free.

Springfield's most sophisticated computer dispatching and GPS tracking allows us to respond to your needs more efficiently. What does this mean to you? It’s simple; your wait times are greatly reduced.

Henry’s online call taking and tracking system is ideal for our commercial customers who have multiple calls. We make it easy to request service and check the status of your calls through this user-friendly online system. But we know that it takes more than the latest technology and the newest, widest range of trucks to be successful. (Although that certainly helps!)

Henry’s is dedicated to making sure that every customer receives excellent service; not good, not great, but excellent each and every time.  Henry’s call takers and dispatchers ensure that every call is answered accurately and quickly.  You will feel confident and comfortable when our experienced, uniformed drivers arrive to help no matter what time of the day or night you or your family needs them. From fixing a flat tire to towing a damaged car, Henry’s provides the same great service for all their clients.

Henry’s commitment to quality in their equipment and personnel are what set us apart from any other towing and recovery company in the area.

Below is a partial list of Henry’s equipment, vehicles and capabilities. However, feel free to contact Henry’s to discuss your individual needs.


Tire Change

No one likes getting a flat tire, but changing one is even worse. When you need a flat changed let henry do it. Our friendly drivers will replace your damaged tire with your good spare day or night in any kind of weather. Don’t put yourself in a dangerous position changing your own tire on a rainy, busy or dark street, let Henry do it!

Out of Gas

Most of us have made this mistake at least once.  You didn’t watch the little line that was getting closer to ‘E” and the light that started blinking….  When that happens, Henry’s can bring fuel right to your location.

Trailer Towing

No matter how big or small, Henry’s has the capacity to haul your trailer, from 53’ semi-trailers down to pop-up campers and landscaping trailers.

Dead Battery

Henry’s not only provides jump-start services for those rare times you leave your lights on or your dome light on, but also can test your battery on-site and provide you with a replacement Interstate brand battery with a full five-year warranty, all without leaving your driveway.

Unlock Vehicle

Ever check your pockets and think “oh boy, those keys better not be where I think they are,” only to look through the car window and see those little guys dangling from your ignition?  Yep, we’ve all done it.  But with numerous trucks on the road, Henry’s is never more than a few minutes away to help you out of your jam.


Henry’s is always close at hand if your vehicle needs a jump start.

Stalled Vehicle

Over the years Henry’s has towed hundreds of thousands of stalled vehicles in all kinds of situations.  While every situation is unique, Henry’s has experienced just about everything that can happen to a car or truck.  Henry’s is always available to save the day.

Stuck Vehicle

Winching services are a core part of a professional towing and recovery company’s services, and you never know when you might your tires off in a soft-spot on the side of the road.  If you ever find your tires spinning but your car isn’t finding traction, give Henry’s a call.

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